Who I am


Hi, this is me.
My name is Leona, and you may also call me by my real name: Huang Huang.

Pisces♓️♓️♓️♓️ â™“️ â™“️ / Have a Chinchilla and a Corgi🐶

I'm a product designer, an illustrator, and a photographer. SONY and Zeiss are my favorite brands, as they help me documenting lots of beautiful memories.


Work as a designer


I grow up in China and Canada. Currently, I'm living in Toronto and working with companies from all over the world. Constant learning and changes are the primary rhythms of my life. I'm curious about the world and the people.

Working as a freelance designer is an exciting journey for me, as it provides me lots of opportunities to explore new businesses and skills. Also, this journey helps me figure out the directions I'm going to focusing in the future.


During my journey as a designer, I found myself fascinated by the strength of UX design. Learning and keeping creating a good user experience in my design for more people is my ultimate goal.

Outside my work

When I'm not creating any designs or creative works, I spend lots of time reading and outdoor activities (e.g., hiking, taking street photos with friends).


Let's work together

Have some creative business ideas? I would like to hear more from you. Please find me on the following social media platforms.