Project Overview:

Q1 dynamics is a tech company specializing in developing digital tools managing Legal Hold Management, Forensic, and eDiscovery Preservations. From 2021 to 2022, I collaborated with the team to create the UI/UX design for their core SaaS products - Legal Hold and Q1 insider.

Moreover, I helped them iterate and upgrade their brand identity, which applies to their digital product design and marketing materials ( including websites, brochures, business cards, etc.). Those designs helped them build a professional image in front of their clients and received many orders from the US, Canadian, and German markets.

Project deliverable:

50%ui design
30%graphic design
20%ux design


UI/UX/Visual design:   

Leona Huang

Business strategy:   

Q1 dynamics team

Project type:   



Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop


SaaS design, Website, Marketing designs ( brochures, brand identity,
business card, etc.)


Problems I’m trying to solve for this project:


Who are we?

Create the brand identity ( Part 1 - Brand identity )

What do we do?

Build the products ( Part 2 - Product design )

How to connect?

Let the users know about us ( Part3 - Marketing and graphic design )

Part 1 - Who we are - Create the brand identity


Based on my research and the company stories. "Reliable," "accuracy," and "efficiency." are three essential keywords of the brand. Therefore, I created this mood board to demonstrate the art direction. Blue and grey are two essential colors of the branding style.


After a few stakeholder meetings, we decided to create a simple and elegant logo. To achieve this goal, I simplified the logo design using only one font and colour.

Part 2 - Build the products

Understand the project and collaborate with the cross-functional teams to launch the product.

Q1 insider and Legal hold are two products that were created to help users do the eDiscovery. They play essential roles in collecting and preserving data.


Legal hold - Single application suite with intuitive interfaces allows users to customize the design, creation and management of the entire legal hold process.

Q1 insider - With over 200 data connectors, the industry's fastest indexer and customizable search and extraction options, the Q1 insider ensures accurate, defensible and court-admissible data extraction.



" Electronic discovery (e-discovery, ediscovery, eDiscovery, or e-Discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation. "

Q1 insider
Legal Hold - Click to view the design process
Q1 insider - Click to see demo pages of the product
Part 3 - Marketing and graphic design

Design a professional company website that tells a good story.

Q1 dynamics team was looking forward to creating a website to sell their products online. This website presents company stories, successful testimonials, and access to product demos. I collaborated with the marketing team to create the website content and worked with developers to launch the website.


Information Architecture
More than website - digital brochure/business card and etc.
Learning and next steps

Start-ups are fast-paced. As the only designer in the Q1 dynamics team, I was a problem solver and a project lead. I took ownership of my projects and launched them within a tight timeline by working strategically and collaboratively.

1, Took ownership of my work + solved the problem

I scoped the project and planned the milestone of design deliverables. Since we were working on a tight timeline, I initiated and held the weekly design meeting to present and discuss my work. Therefore, everyone in the team was aligned with each design work stage. Moreover, I created the design system and templates to improve working efficiency. They simplified the design process and tripled design efficiency, which helped the company save more than $1000 monthly on design services.

2,    Learnings & takeaway

Comparing designing a perfect product and working plans, being flexible and adaptable is important in solving problems. For example, product designers are usually focused on UI/UX design. In this project, I spent extra time on content design. I guided my client to go through each page and brainstorm the content of each block. This process helped me understand that a designer's communication and problem-solving skills are two key strengths. We never wait until everything is ready to start a project; instead, as we work, we discover and solve problems.

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