Waterlily Retreats Visual design

Waterlily Retreats is a start-up company dedicated to short-term property rental and vacation rental. When I took the role as a visual designer in Waterlily Retreats, I started my works with the company logo. After a few weeks of hard work, I designed the brand identity and various marketing materials for Waterlily Retreats. My clients and colleagues praised those design projects as they created a professional brand image of Waterlily Retreats.

The problems
The solutions
My role

The goal of this project is to design a beautiful brand identity and apply it to the Waterlily Retreats Marketing Campaign. The design of the brand identity needs to be minimalist and indicate the word —— Waterlily.

I broke this project into small tasks and listed steps to finish each task.

Brand identity

- Define the typography, logos in different sizes and layouts.

Graphic design

- Roll-up banner ( two versions )

- Business card

Web design

- Website banner template
- Email Template

- Graphic design, Digital design.

- I worked collaboratively with the marketing team to produce creative projects for various marketing campaigns.

- I worked closely with the customer service team to collect clients' feedbacks and iterate my design strategies accordingly.

Tool Used
My Approach

Step 1
Define the key design elements of Waterlily Retreats.

- Waterlily flower
- Wave


Step 2
Choose the color palette and typography.


Step 3
Redesign the company logo and adapt it into different forms.

It takes time to find the perfect logo. After a few meetings with shareholders, we eventually decided to use the third version logo.

Print design 

- Roll-up banner

- Three-fold flyer

- Business card

Digital design

- Website banners

- Email template

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